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Bebhínn Pidgeon

Founder + Facilitator

RTC in Expressive Arts Therapy

Creative- adjective: Humans are a creative species; using the ability to make or think of things in new ways, involving the process by which new ideas, stories etc are created.

With a background in theatre, Bebhinn has always found true self-expression and healing through the arts. From dance, art, writing, music to theatre, the innate healing nature of creativity and its process is and has been her anchor in self for decades.

With a focus on the nervous system and its role in balance and happiness, practices of daily cold plunging, yoga, journalling and meditation have also become essentials in Bebhinn's wellness toolbox. As an Expressive Arts therapist, Bebhinn combines these creative tools and wellness practices in helping curate clients self exploration and healing journey's. Whether it's a soothing sound bath, active creative session, an introspective journey or all things combined, at Evolve Creative Therapy we're ready to take that journey with you! Mind-Body-Soul.

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